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Connect in the Real World

POPVUE is a networking platform that uses augmented reality to empower attendees to make more new, meaningful connections at events, while making themselves more discoverable to others, with more ownership and control over their professional network.

It's Time To Discover

DISCOVER: Scan the room. Possible connections that match your criteria are highlighted with the Popvue icon. Tap any highlighted icon to reveal profiles and send a meeting request.

It's Time to Be Discovered

BE DISCOVERED: As you are discovered, meeting requests will stack in the UI along with a profile. Select one or more to create single or group meetings. Meetings can be spontaneous or scheduled for later.

It's Time to Connect with AR

Popvue lets you maximize connections at any event, It makes you more discoverable to others, and gives you greater ownership and control over your professional network.

App Screenshots

The Problem

sample-image Downtime at events is just a given, yet the time spent at events is costly and needlessly underutilized. In a sea of faces how do you meet the right people for your network? How do you make the most of every event that you attend? How do you come away with more than you came in with?

The Solution

sample-image Using the mobile device that’s already in your pocket, Popvue empowers you to discover new, meaningful connections at events and add them to your existing social networks. More than 1.5 billion participants across more than 180 countries attend countless events globally each year. Popvue is there for you for every event that you attend to help connect you in real space and in real time.

The Popvue Team

Popvue was founded on the belief that Augmented Reality is the perfect tool to better connect you to the world you live and work in by removing barriers rather than creating them. Popvue’s core team of industry veterans was formed during Google’s Project Tango Competition, and were one of the handful of startups selected among thousands of applicants. We are a team of computer scientists and tech developers passionate about making Augmented Reality part of everyone's daily life

Popvue is on its way!

The team is working to bring Popvue to you iOS and Android CONTACT US if you want to be part of Popvue beta launch or sign up to receive updates